Aldi beauty products: The dupes you need to know about (2023)

If you’ve ever walked down the aisles of Aldi and dismissed the beauty lines without a second thought, we’d highly encourage you to reconsider. Although the low prices and lookalike packaging appear too good to be true at first glance, Aldi beauty products have become big business for the store – and for good reason.

Aldi beauty products: The dupes you need to know about (1)

According to trade titleThe Grocer, Aldi racked up double-digit value sales gains in the beauty category in 2019 – thanks, mostly, to its ever-growing Lacura range. The figures show that there’s been a 14.1 per cent increase in Aldi’s beauty value sales – more than any other discount retailer, and ahead of Boots and Superdrug, too.

As for why? Well, more often than not, Aldi beauty productsdo actually live up to the hype – not just in terms of the dangerously close copies of popular branding, but with the formulas and ingredients lying inside the containers as well.

SpecialBuys come and go, but some core offerings are available all year round. If these Aldi beauty products aren’t in stock online, check your local store – they may still have some left.

Aldi beauty products: Make-up dupes

Aldi vitamin primer

Aldi beauty products: The dupes you need to know about (2)

Lacura Vitabase Primer, £5.99, Aldi

Dupe for:Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base, £48.50, Lookfantastic

Bobbi Brown’s vitamin enriched primer is a fave among fans, but Aldi’s version utilises a lot of the same ingredients to achieve a very similar outcome – moisturised skin that is primed and ready to apply a flawless make-up look that will last all day. Read our review here.

Aldi says: ‘Get your skin looking picture perfect with this Lacura Vitabase Primer. Whether you’re using this alone or under make-up, your selfies will never be the same again. Contains vitamin c and e, shea butter, geranium and grapefruit extract for a nourishing and delicate foundation treatment.’

Aldi blusher

Aldi beauty products: The dupes you need to know about (3)

Lacura Candy Blusher, £4.99, Aldi

Dupe for:Nars Blush in Orgasm X, 27.50, Nars

Beauty fans on Tiktok were quick to notice the likeness between Aldi’s blushers and Nars’ iconic £27.50 blushes. The ‘Candy’ blush colour is a shimmery pink and is said to be most like Nars’ ‘Orgasm X’ blush.

Aldi says: ‘Add to your makeup collection with this Lacura Candy Blusher. Achieve those rosy cheeks with this delicate and sweet blusher. Define, pop and contour your way to looking your absolute best.’

Aldi blusher

Aldi beauty products: The dupes you need to know about (4)

Lacura Coral Blusher, £4.99, Aldi

Dupe for:Nars Blush in Behave, 27.50, Nars

(Video) Aldi beauty dupes you guys need to know about

Aldi’s blusher also comes in the colour‘Coral’, a lighter, more orange-pink with shimmer. This one has been compared to Nars’ blusher in the colour ‘Behave’.

Aldi says: ‘Add to your makeup collection with this Lacura Coral Blusher. Achieve those rosy cheeks with this delicate and sweet blusher. Define, pop and contour your way to looking your absolute best.’

Aldi bronzer

Aldi beauty products: The dupes you need to know about (5)

Lacura Bronzer, £4.99, Aldi

Dupe for:Hoola Matte Bronzer, £27.50, Benefit Cosmetics

From the Hawaiian-inspired packaging to the nifty square brush that perfectly fits inside the box (with compact mirror inside), this matte bronzer is giving Benefit’s cult Hoola bronzer a run for its money, especially as it saves you £22.51.

Aldi says: ‘The Lacura Bronzer is the perfect addition to your make-up routine. It’s beautiful bronzer will leave your skin with a stunning beach tan glow. Make this a new favourite inyour beauty collection.’

Aldi highlighter

Aldi beauty products: The dupes you need to know about (6)

Lacura Highlighter, £4.99, Aldi

Dupe for: Cookie Powder Highlighter, £27.50, Benefit Cosmetics

A great dupe for Benefit’s Cookie Powder Highlighter, Aldi’s Lacura highlighter will save you over £22 and comes with the same nifty packaging that houses the brush perfectly.

Aldi says: ‘The Lacura Highlight is the perfect addition to your beauty routine. It’s beautiful shimmer will enhance your cheekbones with a subtle glow. Add that perfect highlightto any area of your face and this will soon become your go to beauty essential.’

Aldi mascara

Aldi beauty products: The dupes you need to know about (7)

Lacura Super Lash Mascara, £2.79, Aldi

Dupe for:Maybelline Great Lash Mascara, £5.99, Lookfantastic

Most Aldi beauty products do a good job of replicating popular packaging, but it’s fair to say they’ve done an excellent job at duping Maybelline’s eye-catching packaging here, and according to the reviews the formula packs a punch, too.

Aldi says: ‘For everyday XXL volume, this Lacura Super Lash Mascara is the mascara that you have been missing. Define even the smallest of lashes with this fabulous formula, that will take your lash look to the next level everyday.’

Aldi concealer

Aldi beauty products: The dupes you need to know about (8)

Lacura Radiant Concealer, £3.99, Aldi

Dupe for:Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer, £24, Cult Beauty


Nars’ Radiant Creamy Concealer is the stuff of legend in the make-up world, but Aldi claims to have an equally rich and creamy formula for around £20 less.

Aldi says: ‘Smooth your skin with the Lacura Radiant Concealer. This highly pigmented liquid formula will correct and cover unwanted discolouration, hide blemishes and conceal under eye darkness. Available to buy in three shades: Light, Medium and Dark, use the wand for precision application with a natural matte finish.’

Aldi cheek palette

Aldi beauty products: The dupes you need to know about (9)

Lacura Cheek Palette, £4.99, Aldi

Dupe for: Cheekleaders Mini Pink Squad, £26, Benefit

Unlike most Aldi beauty products, they haven’treplicated Benefit’s signature retro packaging here, but the team at Aldi have come up with an equally product-packed palette, with a bronzer, highlighter and blusher in one.

Aldi says: ‘Containing three lightweight, blendable powders, the Lacura Cheek Palette promises to be all you need to achieve that summer glow. Start by gently applying the rich bronzer to the face before adding a pop of colour with the velvety pink blush. Add some shimmer with the silky highlighter for the perfect sun-kissed look that will carry you through to the evening garden party.’

Aldi setting spray

Aldi beauty products: The dupes you need to know about (10)

Lacura Setting Spray, £3.99, Aldi

Dupe for: All Nighter Make-up Setting Spray, £26, Urban Decay

If you’re part of Urban Decay’s cult following, setting spray is probably high on your list of must-haves. Can Aldi’s equivalent hold up in the heat?

Aldi says: ‘Looking for a look that stays put? Say goodbye to melting make up this summer with theLacura Setting Spray. This lightweight, dewy spray promises to help your look not feel heavy or sticky on the skin. Simply mist on after your morning make up routine to keep it looking picture-perfect all day.’

Aldi primer

Aldi beauty products: The dupes you need to know about (11)

Lacura Snapshot Ready Illuminating Primer, £5.99, Aldi

Dupe for:Smashbox The Original Photo Finish Foundation Primer, £28, Lookfantastic

Rely on Smashbox’s much-loved Photo Finish primer to keep your make-up in place all day? Aldi’s oil-free alternative is infused with vitamin A and E, plus grapeseed extract, claims to offer similar benefits.

Aldi says: ‘Get your skin looking picture perfect with this clear primer. Whether you’re using this alone or under make-up your selfies will never be the same again!’

The reviews say: ‘I have use this product every day, I prefer this to others I’ve had in the past which cost three times more. I would thoroughly recommend this, Aldi ever run out of stock please.’

Aldi mascara

Aldi beauty products: The dupes you need to know about (12)Lacura Waterproof Too Legit Mascara, £5.99, Aldi

Dupe for:Benefit They’re Real! Mascara, £22, John Lewis & Partners


There’s no doubt that Benefit They’re Real! gives us amazingly long lashes, but Aldi’s lookalike Too Legit apparently does the same for much less, to the point where it’s been sold out and had to be restocked a number of times. Maximum volume, curl and flutter for £6 – no wonder it’s launching a waterproof version.

Aldi says: ‘The first thing everyone notices about you will be your eyes with this brilliant mascara. Long-lasting, this make up essential will make sure your eyes pop by adding curl, definition and dramatic length and volume to your lashes. Perfect for everyday or evenings out, this will soon become your new go-to item.’

The reviews say: ‘I have purchased 4 of these mascaras. They are the exact same as Benefit’s at a fraction of the price. Lasts all day and gives incredible length! Highly recommend!’

Aldi summer eyeshadow palettes

Aldi beauty products: The dupes you need to know about (13)

Lacura Naturals Intense Palette, £5.99, Aldi

Dupe for: Naked Heat Eyeshadow Palette, £43, Urban Decay

After the success of the original Naked Palette dupe, Aldi is introducing three variants: Smoky, Naturals Two and Intense. Sizzling summer eye looks here you come…

Aldi says: ‘Each palette contains 12 exclusive eyeshadows that promise to be everything you need to create looks suitable for both day and night. Whether you’re after summer sparkles or mesmerising mattes, each eyeshadow has been made with a highly pigmented, easy-to-blend formula.’

Aldi concealer pen

Aldi beauty products: The dupes you need to know about (14)

Lacura Concealer Pen, £2.99, Aldi

Dupe for: Touche Eclat, £26, Yves St Laurent

Not content with skincare, Aldi’s Lacura range has branched out into the world of beauty, taking on Yves St Laurent’s iconic concealer and illuminator. The shade range isn’t as broad, but if it works for you, you’re in luck.

Aldi says: ‘Must-have cream in a handy push button pen, ideal for smoothing dark circles and covering blemishes. The light reflecting cream is also ideal as an eyeshadow base.’

The reviews say: ‘This has to be the best concealer I have ever used. It blends beautifully, leaving eyes looking bright and covering up dark shadows or blemishes. Well worth the money.’

Aldi eyeshadow palette

Aldi beauty products: The dupes you need to know about (15)

(Video) TESTING NEW ALDI BEAUTY DUPES! Bobbi Brown, Laura Mercier, Benefit & More! *it’s so cheap & good*

Revamped Naturals Eyeshadow Palette £3.99, Aldi

Dupe for:Naked Reloaded Eyeshadow Palette, £38, Urban Decay

Urban Decay’s Naked range are probably the most famous series of eyeshadow palettes in the world – and even the Duchess of Cambridge is reportedly a fan. Perhaps she could consider switching to Aldi’s version, which although smaller, contains similar universally-flattering nude shades. There’s also Essentials, a take on Naked Basics, and a smokier Nuitversion.

Aldi says: ‘The ideal item to have in your make-up collection, this contains 12 neutrally toned eye-shadows that’ll work with all skin tones. With textures that include shimmer, matt and satin this has everything you could need, including a dual-headed brush and mirror inside the box’s interior.’

The reviews say: ‘Great colours – love the variety of natural colours in each palette.’

Aldi highlighter

Aldi beauty products: The dupes you need to know about (16)

Lacura Liquid Illuminator, £3.99, Aldi

Dupe for:ICONIC London Illuminator Drops, £30, Feelunique

The bottle may be squarer around the edges, but the formulas of Aldi’s liquid illuminator and Instagram’s highlight of choice, Iconic, might just be on par. Choose from three shades: Champagne, Bronze or Halo.

Aldi says: ‘This stunning, shimmering, liquid illuminator is infused with light-reflecting particles to give you a radiant complexion.’

Aldi setting powder

Aldi beauty products: The dupes you need to know about (17)

Lacura Loose Setting Powder, £4.99, Aldi

Dupe for:Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder, £30, Cult Beauty

Another matte miracle worker, there’s a reason why thousands of us buy a tub of Laura Mercier’s product each year – but Aldi’s is one sixth of the price. The finely-milled powder is designer to absorb excess oils, blur fine lines and set your make-up all day.

Aldi says: ‘A lightweight powder that blends effortlessly for a natural, flawless look. Set your make-up for the day and you’ll look stunning right up until the evening. Create a look that lasts with the addition of this setting powder to your make-up collection.’

The reviews say: ‘This is a very light setting powder. My face tends to get greasy quick with powders but this lasts a while on my face before that happens, so I’m impressed.’

(Video) TESTING NEW ALDI BEAUTY DUPES! Charlotte Tilbury, By Terry & Estée Lauder dupes for so cheap!


What are Lacura dupes of? ›

And the latest viral product among fans is the Lacura Illuminating Foundation that shoppers are comparing to Giorgio Armani's award-winning Luminous Silk foundation known for its lightweight and silky feel.

What is Lacura facial cream a dupe of? ›

Lacura Healthy Glow Rose Tonic, £3.99, Aldi

A dupe for Pixi's popular Rose Tonic, this is a simple way to brighten your complexion. Smooth over the face morning and evening to remove impurities and leave skin soft and smooth.

What is Lacura pineapple serum a dupe for? ›

First up I bought the Lacura Pineapple Face Serum which is a dupe for the Glow Recipe Pineapple-C Bright serum.

What is Aldis primer a dupe of? ›

Next she used Aldi's eyeshadow primer - a dupe of Urban Decay's one - and followed it with the Quad eyeshadow palette, a dupe of the Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk palette. Of the eyeshadow she said: "For £3.99 it was fantastic. It looks pretty."

What is Aldi lady perfume a dupe of? ›

ALDI's 'AISLE OF ALDI' promotional video

According to TikTok users, the line of scents is said to be a dupe Jo Malone's famous perfume range, but with a much more budget-friendly price tag.

What is Lacura caviar a copy of? ›

My friend recommended I try the Caviar range by Lacura as it is a dupe for La Prairie which retails at £200+.

What is Aldi miracle cream a dupe for? ›

So, we were pretty intrigued when Aldi announced that its newest cream was inspired by Elizabeth Arden's Eight Hour Cream. Launched as part of Aldi's popular Lacura range, the new Lacura Miracle Cream claims to “protect, moisture and soothe normal, dry and irritated skin”.

What is Aldi pineapple serum a dupe of? ›

The range first started off with three limited edition beauty buys that were all dupes of Korean beauty brand Glow Recipe: an avocado eye cream, watermelon moisturiser and pineapple face serum.

Is Aldi face serum any good? ›

As well as the significant anti-ageing benefits, the serum also works wonders on skin texture, with one reviewer saying: “I use this serum every day under moisturiser. It's a boost for my dry sensitive skin. “It really helps and seems to improve my skin texture”.

What is Lacura rose oil a dupe for? ›

And better still, the Lacura Rose Oil is a very similar to Pixi's cult favourite Rose Oil Blend serum which also contains rosehip, pomegranate seed and jojoba oils but costs £22 more.

What is Lacura overnight repair concentrate a dupe of? ›

In its deep blue bottle, the £4.99 Lacura Overnight Repair Concentrate might be mistaken for the Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate , which is £42 for the same sized 30ml bottle.

Is pineapple serum good for your face? ›

Pineapple Serum Face Serum Boost

Rich in skin-rejuvenating antioxidants, this skin superhero is known to promote a baby-smooth, poreless complexion. Multi-beneficial skin superhero that is known to be rich in antioxidant Vitamin C and bioflavonoids to renew skin for a smooth, healthy-looking complexion.

What is Lacura dark blossom a dupe of? ›

Lacura Floral Eau de Parfum

As well as having a similar-looking design to Viktor & Rolf's famous Flowerbomb, it also shares plenty of ingredients, including rose, freesia, bergamot and patchouli. It's available in store from 23rd June, so keep your eyes peeled!

Is ALDI miracle cream good for wrinkles? ›

Works well to clear lines on my face and my skin looks much brighter." "Simply the best cream. This amazing pot of cream (along with the night cream, night mask and eye cream- when Aldi stock it) has reversed my lines by five years," a fourth claimed. "The difference I can see is just miraculous!

What does ALDI Twilight smell like? ›

Featuring a blend of Bergamot, Lavender, Musk and Patchouli, this gorgeous Twilight Glass Jar Candle will fill your home with beautiful fragrances.

What is a dupe for Chanel Mademoiselle? ›

Lidl Suddenly Madame Glamour

The discount supermarket chain LIDL have created a dupe for Chanel Coco Mademoiselle. I've tried it, and I can confirm it really does smell just like Coco Mademoiselle and has the same lasting power.

What does Lacura floral love smell like? ›

Lacura Floral Love Eau de Parfum (£5.99, 100ml) is a celebration of all things floral with notes of rose, freesia and African orange flower, complemented by darker, woody aromas of bergamot, musk, patchouli, and creamy vanilla.

What does Aldi velvety rose smell like? ›

Treat yourself or a loved one to an opulent experience with this Hotel Collection Velvety Rose Eau De Parfum. With top notes of cloves, sumptuous middle notes of damask rose and agarwood and praline, this rich scent is sure to appeal to the senses.

What company makes Lacura? ›

ALDI'S own beauty brand, Lacura, is expanding its skincare range to launch a new premium beauty line this month.

What company owns Lacura? ›

Lacura is actually an ALDI own-brand that they manufacture themselves in Europe. The label is known for producing great beauty and skincare products that take their inspiration from bigger brands.

Does Aldi night cream have retinol? ›

Aldi's Lacura Q10 Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream contains retinol complex is hailed for reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and customers say it's as good as designer brands.

What is Lacura cleansing balm a dupe of? ›

There's no doubt the inspiration behind the Aldi Lacura Cleansing Balm was the Emma Hardie Moringa Cleasning Balm. The Aldi version is £6.99, and the Emma Hardie version is £47, so there is a massive difference between the two.

Can I use Aldi miracle cream on my face? ›

In the reviews section, people are hailing the cream 'wonderful' and saying they're bulk buying it thanks to its acne-treating benefits. "So good! I've been using a very thin layer over my face each night and it clears spots.

Can you put Aldi miracle cream on face? ›

Help protect, soothe and moisturise your skin when you bring this Miracle Cream into your daily skincare routine. Designed to help your face feel fabulous, this cream works to soothe any dry skin whilst also containing anti-inflammatory benefits.

What does ALDI ferocious smell like? ›

Aldi's Lacura Ferocious Eau De Toilette , which costs £5.99, has been described as “exactly like” to Dior's Sauvage and Tom Ford's Black Orchid.

What is ALDI larger than life mascara a dupe of? ›

It's the Aldi Lacura Larger Than Life Mascara which is a great dupe for the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara.

What is the No 1 face serum? ›

The SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic Serum blows the competition out of the water with its triple-threat combination of Vitamin E, Vitamin C, and ferulic acid. As loved as it is by dermatologists and beauty editors alike, we know it's pricey.

What is the best skin serum for aging skin? ›

If wrinkles are your biggest concern, SkinCeuticals is the serum you need. Formulated with niacinamide, this formulation was the best at reducing the look of lines and wrinkles in the GH Beauty Lab's test — lessening their appearance by 5% over just four weeks.

What rose oil does Kate Middleton use? ›

Specifically, Trilogy's Certified Organic Rosehip Oil. Supposedly the secret to Kate's flawless complexion during her pregnancy with Princess Charlotte, the sought after rosehip oil is obviously a winner, selling one bottle every 20 seconds.

Does rosehip oil reverse wrinkles? ›

Rosehip seed oil

Chock-full of goodness, it helps to protect and hydrate skin, fight free radical damage, and reduce wrinkles. But that's not all! The vitamins and antioxidants rejuvenate the skin to restore elasticity, help to correct dark spots, and reduce the appearance of scars.

Is rosehip oil better than moisturiser? ›

Face moisturiser – Rosehip Oil has high levels of essential fatty acids and can be used instead of a moisturiser. It has several anti-ageing benefits. Skin blemishes and scars – Use Rosehip Oil on stretch marks, age spots, acne, hyper-pigmentation, burns and scars to help diminish their appearance.

What is the Aldi overnight mask a dupe for? ›

DEAL OF THE DAY: Aldi's sleep mask is a dupe for Elemis' and it's 89 percent cheaper.

Does Lacura night cream have retinol? ›

Lacura Q10 Anti-Wrinkle 1.7oz Day & 1.7oz Night Face Cream Moisturizer with Bioflavonoid and Retinol Complex Set - All Skin Types.

Is Lacura Q10 cream good? ›

I buy from Aldi all the time and never been disappointed,' said one 5-star reviewer, while another agreed: 'I have been using these creams alongside the serum and I can see and feel a noticeable difference in my skin. Will definitely be purchasing again. Highly recommend.

What does rubbing pineapple on your face do? ›

Pineapple contains a powerful enzyme called bromelain which can break down and help sweep away dead skin cells. This makes it the ideal ingredient for a face mask. To try it out, simply rub a cube of freshly sliced pineapple on your face and neck, avoiding more sensitive areas (especially nicks and pimples!).

Is pineapple anti aging? ›

Anti-Aging: Pineapple is your new BFF if you're looking to slow down the aging process. That's because it's loaded with antioxidants and alpha-hydroxy acids, which fight skin-damaging free radicals.

How do you use Aldi pineapple face serum? ›

Formulated with Acai Extract and Sodium Hyaluronate, this serum will help skin appear smoother, glossier and visibly brighter. Gently pat a few drops onto clean skin morning and night and follow up with your favourite moisturiser.

What is Aldi Peony Blush dupe of? ›

“A dupe for Jo Malone Myrrh & Sweet Tonka, which is one of the nicest smelling Jo Malone perfumes, but it's like £90 for a bottle,” explains Sascha in the video. “She found this in Aldi and paid £7 for it. It literally smells so nice and expensive.

What is power perfume from Aldi a dupe of? ›

Is the ALDI Power For Women Eau de Parfum a dupe for Paco Rabanne Lady Million? No. It's similar, but the scent is not the same, nor is the longevity either. I've reviewed Lady Million here on the blog before, it's a fragrance I always have in my collection because I love it.

What perfume does Aldi dark blossom smell like? ›

Aldi customers have praised one if its perfumes for smelling "exactly the same" as a popular scent by Yves Saint Laurent. The bargain giant sells Dark Blossom Eau De Parfum, and many shoppers have agreed that is is unmistakably similar to the luxury fashion label's Black Opium perfume.

What Vitamin cream is best for aging skin? ›

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid).

Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant, which means it protects the skin from free radicals — unstable oxygen molecules that break down skin cells and cause wrinkles. Vitamin C may help protect skin from sun damage and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

What does Golden Hour smell like? ›

Golden Hour fragrance oil is brimming with the warm aromas of fall and captures the name perfectly. Warm, freshly baked goods, covered in crumbles of toasted cinnamon sugar and spicy hints of fresh nutmeg.

What does midnight rain smell like? ›

Presented in a twinkling flacon of darkest midnight blue, Midnight Rain is a fruity floral perfume which feels resolutely nocturnal! Brimming with sensuous flowers - freesia, orchid, lily, and dark plum blossom - Midnight Rain is an overture to femininity.

What does fifty shades smell like? ›

Sexy and alluring, 50 Shades is a powerful, seductive scent which will send your senses into overdrive. A masculine aftershave type fragrance with sharp notes of bergamot and cedar wood, coupled with warm leather and musk base notes.

How do Aldi get away with copying brands? ›

They simply private label the products. This means a 3rd party product developer/manufacturer owns the actual product. As such, they aren't ripping each other off so much as working with the same vendors.

Is Aldi Lacura Moisturiser any good? ›

The Verdict: It's a bit too soon to tell if the lacura eye cream is making a huge difference but the immediate plumping effect it offers is impressive. It also sits well under make-up, doesn't feel greasy and has a mattifying effect.

What is Lacura watermelon Moisturiser a dupe of? ›

The range first started off with three limited edition beauty buys that were all dupes of Korean beauty brand Glow Recipe: an avocado eye cream, watermelon moisturiser and pineapple face serum.

Is Aldi miracle cream good for wrinkles? ›

Works well to clear lines on my face and my skin looks much brighter." "Simply the best cream. This amazing pot of cream (along with the night cream, night mask and eye cream- when Aldi stock it) has reversed my lines by five years," a fourth claimed. "The difference I can see is just miraculous!

Why is Aldi's being sued? ›

An Aldi store in Sydney, pictured in 2015. A lawsuit claims the chain's crowd control was inadequate and led to a shopper's injury. An Australian woman is suing European grocery giant Aldi after she was “seriously injured” when crowds rushed into the store in a race to buy discounted television sets.

Why has Aldi been sued? ›

Marks & Spencer has settled its lawsuit with Aldi over its Colin the Caterpillar cake, after accusing the German discounter of copying its design. An M&S spokesperson told Retail Gazette: “The objective of the claim was to protect the IP in our Colin the Caterpillar cake and we are very pleased with the outcome.”

Why does Aldi have weird brands? ›

Aldi avoids brand names

At most supermarkets, you'll find tons of big-brand items, but at Aldi, a whopping 90 percent of the products are private label. By avoiding brand names, Aldi can skip going through another company and offer you cheaper prices. Make sure you know these 5 items to buy next time you're at Aldi!


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