Advanced Title Earners (2023)

Advanced Title Earners (1)

American Staffordshire Terrier

Joanne Cramp and Tom, ATD (July 2020)

Alaskan Klee Kai

Natasha Pearson and Remus (PR's HD The Madness Within Erikson)

Australian Kelpie

Tracey Hopper and Mouse (Springsett The Goat), ATD (June 2018)
Estelle Vickery and Kestrel, ATD (September2020)
Katy Girdler and Kelly, ATD (February 2021)

Advanced Trick Title Earners

Huge congratulations to all our hardworking handlers and their dogs on becoming Advanced Trick Dogs.

Australian Shepherd

Olivia Gibbons and Louie, ATD (May 2020)
Nicola Ashton and Zen (Triforce Zen Crazy), ATD (February 2021)
​Harrison Holden-Smith and Shadow (Milwyr Sundance Kid), ATD (July 2021)
​Sharon Mckinnon and Chance (Dialynne Enzo Farrari), ATD (September 2021)
Camilla Burge and Margot (Trijem Snowbell), ATD (January 2022)
Roshenac Mitchell and Merlin (Talard Magic Biscuit), ATD (August 2022)

Belgian Laekenois Shepherd Dog

Felicity Ashford and Inappropriate (Bonvivant Quintessential), ATD (February 2021)

Bernese Mountain Dog

Sarah Edwardson and Joey (​Kenaiteen Mungo of Joelay RL1.Ex), ATD (July 2020)
Dana Sutton and Winnie, ATD (February 2021)
Sarah Edwardson and Raffi (Graysenber Baby Be Mine), ATD (June 2021)

Border Collie

Christina Opperman and Logic (Leebeardream Its Logical), ATD (April 2018)
Fiona Vidler-Stewart and Oz (Oz Crystal Rousse), ATD (June 2018)
Linda Brown and Buzz (Rossendale Buzzyboy), ATD (June 2018)
Hayley Woodcock and Star (Samdais Little Star TDex NOVex RL4), ATD (July 2018)
Christina Opperman and Flyte (Suga Gero At Leebeardream AW(S)), ATD (September 2018)
Kirsty-Ann Mitchell and Fozzie (Klevely The Muppet Meister), ATD (September 2018)
Sara Killelay and Parsnip (Pitter Patter Parsnip), ATD (October 2018)
Laura Barlow and Keith (That’ll Do Keith), ATD (January 2019)
Alice Eden and Skye, ATD (February 2019)
Christina Opperman and Tigger (Leebeardream Im The Only One), ATD (February 2019)
Angie Tucker and Kahlan (Meisterwerk Kahlan), ATD (May 2019)
Elizabeth Pratt and Oscar (Nidderdale Oscar), ATD (July 2019)
Charlotte Brooke and Floss (Ellan-Vannin Floss Of Kennafell), ATD (August 2019)
Charlotte Brooke and Wisp (Kennafell Midnight Whisper), ATD (September 2019)
Gemma Carl and Shadow, ATD (January 2020)
Gemma Carl and Dexter, ATD (April 2020)
Faye Wildish and Buddy, ATD (April 2020)
Frances Cobb and Divo (Leebeardream Divo Cadenza), ATD (April 2020)
Emma Hughes and Aggy (My Girl Aggy), ATD (April 2020)
Heather Cook and Hooli (Lynwood Hooli CDex), ATD (April 2020)
Deborah Crease and Skye (Katajack Skye Blue), ATD (April 2020)
Deborah Crease and Tayen (Breurn Blue Moon), ATD (April 2020)
Deborah Crease and Star (Oenoke Stars N’Stripes), ATD (April 2020)
Christina Opperman and Puddle (Elsanna Hillbilly Wild Fern at Leebeardream), ATD (April 2020)
Kirsty-Ann Mitchell and Huggy Bear (Bordabears Special Agent), ATD (April 2020)
Hayley Woodcock and Boogie (Glenalpine Boogie), ATD (April 2020)
Cheryl Quinn and Ocean (Shantadream Azure Blue), ATD (April 2020)
Katherine Bastianelli and Nevis (Lexieline Own Ben Nevis), ATD (May 2020)
Julie Russon Paco (Bordadale Paco Rabanne), ATD (May 2020)
Louise Sanders and Nova, ATD (May 2020)
Bethany Steele and Rainie, ATD (May 2020)
Jenni Wilson and Luna (Weynoake Ouija Queen), ATD (June 2020)
Ros McKay and Seren (Ace Serenity), ATD (June 2020)
Chrissie Scott and Oggie (The Ogg at Jezzla), ETD (June 2020)
Cyd Griffin and Kirin (Krazy Kirin at Heikym), ATD (June 2020)
Stacey Whitworth and Tam (Reivermorada River Tam), ATD (July 2020)
Jayne Bateson and Fynn (​Tymbarweir Bluebery Mufynn), ATD (July 2020)
Alex Heal and Nelson (Tymbarweir Silver Lining), ATD (July 2020)
Lisa Davey and Loch (Blue Baton), ATD (July 2020)
Sophia Thompson-Kelly and Dillon, ATD (July 2020)
Angie Tucker and Arwen (Starside Shine), ATD (July 2020)
Siobhan Simpsonand Daisy, ATD (July 2020)
Ros McKay and Tegan, ATD (August 2020)
Naomi Lee and Nora (Fridfion Blondie At Norlea), ATD (August 2020)
Hannah Woodhouse and Tilly, ATD (September 2020)
Hazel Haley and Max (Lord Maximus Thomas Haley), ATD (October 2020)

Karen Connal andRùm (Tillychance Rùm The Risk), ATD (September 2020)
Colette Turner and Finley (Skybound Solo Flyer), ATD (October 2020)
Colette Turner and Jamie (Darian Boom Shot), ATD (October 2020)
Laura McIntyre and Roman (Stubleywood Roman Fell), ATD (October 2020)
Emily Bayfield and Letty, ATD (December 2020)

Jodie Grayson and Rita (Senorita Mischief), ATD (January 2020)
Robert Brooke and Mouse (Stillmoor Magical Blue), ATD (January 2021)
Steph Murray and Sage (Just Sage at Elsanna), ATD (January 2021)
Abbey Rance and Rusty (Skybound Clear For Take Off), ATD (January 2021)

Selena Short and Fever (Diagemtas Fever To Otterbarrow AW(B)), ATD (February 2021)
Selena Short and Shine (Pollyvinall Bunnabee To Otterbarrow), ATD (February 2021)
Selena Short and Puffin (Otterbarrow Time To Shine), ATD (February 2021)
Selena Short and Dottie (Pollyvinall Sqeetl to Otterbarrow), ATD (February 2021)
Ruhina Miller & Chris Lovekin and Harold, ATD (March 2021)
Ann Everest and Dart (Darian Master Criminal), ATD (March 2021)
Ann Everest and Ollie (Darian The Bookseller), ATD (March 2021)
Carol Belsten and Anya (Pauldens Rhapsody In Gold), ATD (March 2021)
Lucy Costin and Ontari (Kielia Ontari On Ice), ATD (March 2021)
Lou Holmes and Hush (Firetouch Hit The Big Time), ATD (March 2021)

Beckie Jones and Ozzy, ATD (March 2021)
Cathrine Oliver and Bess, ATD (April 2021)
Katy Girdler and Tyler, ATD (April 2021)
Christina Opperman and Chess (Leebeardream Checkmate), ATD (May 2021)

Christina Opperman and Blitz (Leebeardream Reindeer Game), ATD (May 2021)
Gill Hannam and Cody (Cody Fy Bachgen), ATD (May 2021)
Leanne Keary and Hector, ATD (May 2021)
Emma Hughes and Zander (Elsanna Kiss and Tell), ATD (July 2021)
Emma Jones and Rydal (Elsanna Beautiful Mistake), ATD (September 2022)

Border Terrier

Helen Cottrell and Bramley (Stowthorney Phantom), ATD (April 2020)
Helen Cottrell and Pippin (Crockston Master Pippin), ATD (April 2020)


Jane Oxby and Grace (Kenaiteen Angel's Wings), ATD (October 2020)

(Video) Chip earning Rally Advanced Title

​Braque D’Auvernge

Emma Burles and Shelby (Gameglow Doo Or Die), ATD (May 2020)


Olivia Grice and Kira, ATD (April 2021)

Chinese Crested (Powder Puff)

Sharon Pointeer and Zerin, ATD (May 2020)

Cocker Spaniel

Sara Seymour and Ripley (Tiptopjack Talented Mr Rip), ATD (August 2018)
​Laura Evans and Kao (Imperial Kaos), ATD (January 2019)
Samantha Sanderson and Jyn (Sydlingbrook Kiwi), ATD (March 2020)
Christina Opperman and Ruby (Dimnds N Ruby A Leebeardream), ATD (April 2020)
Jo Vale and Ralph (Ralph), ATD (April 2020)
Emily Anderson and Leo (Laird Leo of Largue), ATD (May 2020)
Aysha Shaw and Nellie (Wilstone Venice), ATD (May 2020)
Nancy Chalmers and George, ATD (June 2020)
Michelle Bean and Mo, ATD (August 2020)
Jenny Barraclough and Finn (Dinton Gilbralter), ATD (August 2020)
Hannah Billington and Leo (​Hondonvale Sunrise), ATD (August 2020)

​Fallon Gunn and Benny, ATD (October 2020)
​Tracey Hopper and Zarko (Leebeardream The Wizard), ATD (December 2020)
​Claire Powell and Wally (Leebeardream Kaiser Chief), ATD (December 2020)
Alex Heal and Millie (Tiz A Millie Mischief), ATD (March 2021)
Louise Applegate and Sadie, ATD (July 2020)


Stephanie Leese and Flip (Leebeardream Chosen By Pea), ATD (October 2018)
Tracey Hopper and Vali (Springsett The Doctor), ATD (January 2019)
Samantha Sanderson and Ren (Leebeardream The Dark Side), ATD (March 2020)
Shanie Grant and Hugo, ATD (April 2019)
Ann Lee and Izzy (Izzy Wizzy Woo), ATD (April 2020)
Stephanie Pratley and Wibble (Wibbly Or Won’t He), ATD (April 2020)
Deborah Crease and Yoki (Native Dance at Oenoke), ATD (April 2020)
Jodie Darvill and Noodle, ATD (April 2020)
Carla Wiltshire and Logan, ATD (April 2020)
Sarah Wightwick-Hotston and Luna, ATD (April 2020)
Jenny Edwards and Wych (Wykid Wych), ATD (April 2020)
Louise Mclaughlin and Nemo, ETD (April 2020)
Tasha James and Psycho, ATD (April 2020)
Tasha James and Deefer, ATD (April 2020)
Paula Knowles and Millie, ATD (April 2020)
Paula Knowles and Scout, ATD (April 2020)
Fallon Gunn and Tricky, ATD (April 2020)
Jackie Guegan and Bear (Little Bear), ATD (April 2020)
Jo Forbes and Jasper, ATD (April 2020)
Georgia Hatton and Hoddy (Upsy Daisy Here We Go), ATD (April 2020)
Natasha Attwood and Diesel, ATD (May 2020)
Gill Hannam and Bryn (Bryn Bach Melys), ATD (May 2020)
Alison Poulter and Jive (Jump and Jive), ETD (June 2020)
Caroline Sanders and Luna (Sheza Loony Lunatic), ATD (June 2020)
Teresa Holding and Malcolm, ATD (June 2020)

Barbara Darvill and Tyng, ATD (June 2020)
Georgina Scanes and Domino, ATD (July 2020)
Katherine Moseley and Roxy, ATD (July 2020)
Christine Bennett and Puzzle (Jackapoochi Puzzle), ATD (July 2020)
Rebecca Young and Brodie, ATD (August 2020)
Christine Bennett and Toffee (Toffee Sensation), ATD (August 2020)
Christine Bennett and Merlin (​Mystical Medium Rare), ATD (August 2020)
Margaret Goulden and Pippin (​Apple Of My Eye), ATD (August 2020)
Naomi Lee and Zoey (Sweet Carolina), ATD (August 2020)
Gill Sage and Widget, ATD (September 2020)

​Jessica Vines and Tessa, ATD (October 2020)
Sophia Thompson-Kelly and Juno, ATD (November 2020)

Angela Wiltshire and Scribbles, ATD (November 2020)
​Hannah Baker and Haze, ATD (December 2020)
Megan Turner and Patch, ATD (February 2021)
Jill Eardley and Farleigh, ATD (March 2021)
Katy Girdler and Eli, ATD (April 2021)
Tina Makin and Reef, ATD (May 2021)

Czechoslovakian Wolfdog

Natasha Attwood and Zombie, ATD (May 2020)
Natasha Attwood and Django, ATD (May 2020)
Natasha Attwood and Koda, ATD (May 2020)


Julie Maddock and Cora, ATD (January 2022)


Jess Woodrow and Reggie (Kensteen Fireside Treats), ATD (April 2020)
Rebecca Lawrie and Enzo (Aritaur Quarteron), ATD (May 2020)

Dutch Herder

Sonja Cafferata and Tia, ATD (March 2021)

English Shepherd

Michelle Boley and Eiger (Arden Axl), ATD (November 2020)

English Springer Spaniel

Stephanie Leese and Douglas ATD (June 2018)

Finnish Lapphund

Rachel Bradley and Eeva (Blairswolf Tulikki of Ruddyduck WW'12), ATD (June 2020)
Heather Beastall and Loki (Infindigo Mailat Loki ShCM RL1Ex), ATD (July 2020)
Sue Christie and Kaija (​Cannyyatton Suklaa), ATD (July 2020)
Scarlett Sisley-Smith and Onni (TabanyaRuu Qtamo Onni RL1.EX), ATD (July 2020)

Flat Coated Retriever

Katy Girdler and Little Bean (Three Cliffs Tanqueray), ATD (February 2021)

German Shepherd Dog

Gail McKie and Logan (Axel Bright Boy), ATD (September 2018)
Kayleigh Shield and Luna (Diamond Rogue), ATD (February 2019)
Tracey Stubbs and Karma, ATD (April 2019)
Tracey Stubbs and George, ATD (August 2019)
Jan McGough and Erik, ATD (March 2020)
Michelle Cleary and Anja (Zakanja Livewire), ATD (April 2020)
Felicity Ashford and Danni (Lorockmor Danni Darko), ATD (July 2020)
Cath Seddon and Dana (Sixela Starlight Dawn), ATD (October 2020)
Deb Bennison and Heidi (Calmholm Heidi Bennison), ATD (February 2021)

Rachael Bryan & Zack Killingback and Twitch, ATD (April 2021)
Rebecca Main and Rhia, ATD (October 2021)

German Shorthaired Pointer

Jayne-Marie Appleyard and Myla (Box of Pink Frogs), ATD (May 2020)
Meg Summers and Otto (Whistlecraft Idris), ATD (December 2020)

(Video) Minnie earning the first leg towards her Rally Advanced title.

Golden Retriever

Danielle Beddall and Freddie (Let’s Get Freddie To Rumble), ATD (June 2018)
Kerry Sugden and Secret (Jarysmystic Firefly), ATD (July 2018)
Briar Dunn and Bramble (Rubus Parvifolius), ATD (February 2019)
Claire Rymarz and Bailey (Flomiss Baileys Cupcake), ATD (April 2019)
Claire Rymarz and Nala (Moonwater Nalas Pride), ATD (April 2019)
Kerry Sugden and Qula (Tealcreek Dare Devil), ATD (April 2020)
Sarah Middleton and Brodie (Tealcreek Fox Mulder), ATD (March 2021)

Hungarian Visla

Anita Hope and Meadow (Gunfield August Gold), ATD (July 2022)

Irish Setter

Stephanie Leese and Oscar (His Latest Flame), ATD (June 2018)

Irish Water Spaniel

Chris Tolley-Newell and Keeper (Diddymowg Plum Pudding), ATD (August 2020)
Chris Tolley-Newell and Bria (Radicott Rosebud Von Diddymowg), ATD (August 2020)
Chris Tolley-Newell and Nica (​Radicott Vernacular), ATD (August 2020)

Jack Russell Terrier

Alice Owens and Bryn (Rhyddid Bryn ‘N’ Gone), ATD (April 2020)
​Claire Powell and Teddy Edward (He's Just Ted), ATD (July 2020)
Gwen Holland and Roxy (Llangeinwen Roxy), ATD (February 2021)
Gwen Holland and Eric (Llangeinwen Eric), ATD (March 2021)
Sue Ellis and May (Sue's Maisie May), ATD (April 2021)

Japanese Chin

Ann Lee and Polly (Midorchi Magical Polly), ATD (May 2021)


Sue Christie and Rika (Farsetkees Willow’s Girl), ATD (June 2020)


Claire Johnson and Pepper (Valleyrise Illustration), ATD (May 2020)
Claire Stewart and Ember (Qunack’s Favor Light for Twybrook), ATD (May 2020)
Claire Stewart and Thistle (Duckhills Thistledown Dance of Emmi over Twybrook), ATD (May 2020)
Claire Johnson and Inka (Sensation vom Tespelkooi of Valleyrise), ATD (June 2020)
Nadia Gower and Sasha (Millhanger Long Run), ATD (December 2021)

Labrador Retriever

Zachary Hazell and Toby (Thornlaw Sapphire Sirocco), ATD (June 2020)
Karen Hartnell and Logic (Velvetine Chauffeur), ATD (July 2020)
Susi Colclough and Bramble (MaraliLabs Forest Fruit), ATD (August 2020)

Katie Harvey and Luna (Madgack Maple), ATD (March 2021)
Sue Wills and Poppy (Newforem Popping Back To Aqualoop), ATD (May 2021)
Elizabeth Blatchford and Nova (Juxtamere Ebony), ATD (May 2021)
Stephanie Hubbard and Spud, ATD (October 2021)

Lagotto Romagnolo

Caitlin Mclaughlin and Niamh (Karbeni Dara Niamh), ATD (March 2020)
Jackie Mackay and Zia (Hunting Track Curly Wurly at Emroche), ATD (January 2021)
Sue Wills and Bella (Timtaurn Tribella With Aqualoop), ATD (April 2021)

Lakeland Terrier

Hannah Gill and Bo (Dapperdax Holly), ATD (October 2020)


Christina Opperman and Pea (Leebeardream Sweet Pea), ATD (June 2018)
Christina Opperman and Minion (Leebeardream One In A Minion), ATD (July 2018)
Jess Rainey and Nova (Novie Long Legs), ATD (September 2018)

Christina Opperman and Optic (Leebeardream Optic Illusion), ATD (Nov 2020)
Manuel Santiago Carou and Psycho (Leebeardream Flying Psycho), ATD (Nov 2020)
Chrissy Harrison and Sky, ATD (December 2020)

Manchester Terrier

Jennifer Hough and Gilpin (Barleydust Harveymoon), ATD (October 2020)

Miniature American Shepherd

Courtney Fisher and Misty (Starrytails Misty Night), ATD (September 2019)
Georgina Winghamand Drax (Ivormyth Kosmic Destroyer), ATD (February 2020)
Julie Olley and Leo (Basileas Heart Of A Lion), ATD (October 2020)

Miniature Dachshund

Ffion Griffiths and Tomas (​Glyndwr Star Player), ATD (July 2020)

(Video) Packet taking first place and earning his AKC Buried Advanced title!

Miniature Poodle

Annie Abbott and Rico (Ri Co-Co The Clown), ATD (April 2020)
Sharon Ashley and Evie, ATD (July 2020)
Christine Ward and Sarah (Trishana Milkmaid), ATD (April 2021)

Miniature Schnauzer

Hannah Gill and Ozzie (Toroblu Silver Delight), ATD (October 2020)
Val Saxby and Molly (Covonian Molly May), ATD (April 2021)

Jane Martin and Frankie (Lilacglade Silver Angel), ATD (April 2021)


Nina Clare and Tesla (Kivisilman Yleisurheilija), ATD (February 2019)

Norfolk Terrier

Janne Vaarum and Tobias (Allright Jimmy's Dream), ATD (July 2020)

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

Rachel Bradley and Jasper (Katyra These Foolish Things For Ruddyduck), ATD (April 2019)
Sophie Hughes and Gem (Eusanit Gem Stone At Abacot), ATD (June 2020)
Merica Fuard and Smooshie Kyo-Kyo (Tollelkin Bay of Ice), ATD (June 2020)
Sally Sanford and ZeeZee (Danehaven Midgell at Paludic RL6ex), ATD (July 2020)
Sally Sanford and Lace (Erikachen Lasadoir at Paludic RL6ex), ATD (July 2020)
Emma Warren and Hardy (Fieldranger's Kubla Khan for Delphstrider JW), ATD (October 2020)
Laura Middleton and Rosa Sprout (Ashtoraz Valentine Miracle), ATD (October 2020)

Susie Schmidt and Rocco (Camusmor Ball Of Fire), ATD (November 2020)
Janice Russell and Cleo (Cobbler's Dream Private Dancer For Cedarlake), ATD (April 2021)


PJ Horton and Obi-Wan, ATD (June 2018)
Ann Sawyer and Callie (Rockalily's Miss Calia), ATD (November 2020)
Ann Sawyer and Luc (Rockalily's Little Red Lucas), ATD (November 2020)
Val Andrews and Michael (Frason Michael Buble), ATD (March 2021)


Ellie Bayles and Teddy, ATD (May 2020)
Liz Mowatt and Peru (Reta's Peruvian Gold Among Tabanyaruu), ATD (July 2020)


Heather Salmon-Wilson and Delilah (INT CH Amarige Millionairess at Salmona), ATD (December 2020)


Sophie Harrison and Tucker (Aradet Blue Boy), ATD (February 2021)

Scottish Terrier

Diane Gollowitzer and Dougal, ATD (December 2018)


Rachel Wilcox and Luigi (Lockdown Luigi), ATD (August 2020)

Shetland Sheepdog

Sarah Davis and Daisy (Follyfox Funny Girl), ATD (March 2020)
Georgia De La Cour and Zazou (Obay Dreamz In Bright Colors), ATD (April 2020)
Lilian Mettan-Ure and Quinn (Valdosta Dare to Dream of Savendie), ATD (April 2020)

Jean Tuck and Maddie (Saunderswood Fire Fly of Craygill), ATD (December 2020)
Jean Tuck and Zac (Tooralie's Masquerade at Craygill), ATD (December 2020)
Rosemary Turner and Teasel (Iiad Is A Tease At Khamysker), ATD (April 2021)
Abigail Taylor and Melba (Saunderswood Rainbow Jewel), ATD (July 2022)

Shih Tzu

Ann Lee and George (Gorgeous George of Hindles), ATD (May 2020)

Silky Terrier

Georgia Hatton and Zym (Limartine Reddy To Run), ATD (April 2020)

Small Musterlander

Suzanne Hall and Lark (Lark Van’t Livinusbos RL3ex), ATD (May 2020)

(Video) Earning Advanced Tricks Title

Smooth Collie

Estelle Vickery and Sebastian (Oakestelle Sebastian Bach), ATD (August 2020)
Frances Holloway and Storm (Coneypark Call Of The Wild), ATD (December 2020)
​Frances Holloway and Echo (Coneypark Coldplay), ATD (December 2020)

Spanish Water Dog

Pauline Jackson and Mr T, ATD (May 2020)

Standard Poodle

Sarah Faughey and Darla, ATD (November 2019)
Gemma Douch and Griffin (Threearewild Arcturus), ATD (May 2020)
Leigh-Anne Galloway and Floyd (Marcasite Beginner's Luck), ATD (December 2021)

Swedish Vallhund

Helen Bennett and Barley (Bowkol Dragon Haki), ATD (July 2020)

Tibetan Terrier

Lucie Ellis and Larsson (Longcoat Best Seller), ATD (February 2021)

Toy Poodle

Arthur King and Beau, ATD (December 2020)


Olivia Saunders and Moose (VonHuber’s Mill Dew), ATD (June 2020)


Kelly Mountain and Winter (Githoneal Winters Magic), NTD (March 2022)

Welsh Sheepdog

Nerys Thomas and Haf (Cwmbyr Lady Haf), ATD (May 2020)

Welsh Springer Spaniel

Maddy Bowman and Pyrrha (Amblelight Rose), ATD (August 2018)

West Highland White Terrier

Christina Roberts and Isla, ATD (May 2020)


Shelagh Allen and Breeze (Gabledene Moonlight) ATD (June 2018)
Lisa Cawkill and Cooper, ATD (January 2019)
Rhona Nason and Chase (Black Diamond Star), ATD (April 2020)
Jenny Edwards and Eiralys, ATD (April 2020)
Jenny Edwards and Ffion, ATD (May 2020)
Helen Dyke and Grace (Twinkle Sunrise), ATD (May 2020)
Helen Dyke and Elsie (Malochcourt Elsie May), ATD (July 2020)
Jenny Edwards and Enfys, ATD (October 2020)

Working Sheepdog

Christina Opperman and Summer (Leebeardream Summer Leebear), ATD (April 2018)
Kirsty Dodd and Molly (Little Miss Moo), ATD (September 2018)
Amy Wood and Scout (Idlewild Mockingbird), ATD (September 2018)
Christina Opperman and Spring (Leebeardream Easter Bunny), ATD (September 2018)
Christina Opperman and Autumn (Leebeardream Fright Night), ATD (September 2018)
Tracey Hopper and Vader ATD (January 2019)
Joy Lomax and Dottie (Joyful’s Merlie Girlie), ATD (April 2019)
Joanne Manning and Oakley (Leebeardream Woodland Walk), ATD (March 2019)
Claire Stewart and Carney (Prestek Caena’s Carney), ATD (April 2020)
Christina Opperman and Tullulah (Tula Lee Bear at Leebeardream), ATD (April 2020)
Christina Opperman and Costa (Leebeardream Hint of Coffee), ATD (April 2020)
Christina Opperman and Zeva (Leebeardream Zeva Le Bear), ATD (April 2020)
Rachel Wilcox and Acer (Ace of Hearts), ATD (July 2020)
Margaret Goulden and Gypsy (​Gypsy Minstrel), ATD (August 2020)
Shirley Elkins and Kira (Shirkira Dare To Dream), ATD (October 2020)

Angie Thornley and Wren (Wren You Have It Flaunt It), ATD (February 2021)
Courtney Holmes and Blue (Blue Eyed Scamps), ATD (March 2021)


Carriann Phillips and Hades (Ulrich Hades Guysson), ATD (October 2020)

Yorkshire Terrier

Riley Duffy and Simba (Tiny Itsy Bitsy of Rasharley), ATD (November 2020)

(Video) Elsa earning her Rally Advanced Title


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(Lori Marklein)
2. Quanah earning his Rally Advanced title
3. McKenzee earns her Rally Advanced title!
(Shiffra Steele)
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