600+ FREE Photoshop Overlays - Download Now! (2022)

When it comes to giving your photos that extra touch of class, Photoshop overlays can certainly make a world of difference. That is the reason, here we share some of the finest Photoshop overlays you can lay your hands on, completely FREE of cost!

In simple terms, Photoshop overlays are additional images that are blended onto your existing photos as layers. Therefore, their purpose lies in adding an extra dimension, an additional element into your pictures, thus increasing their overall visual appeal.

Overlays incrementally increase the visual appeal of your photos. Moreover, if you look at the ease with which Photoshop overlays are blended into photos, an equally important factor is convenience. Otherwise, you could be looking at hours of effort “glamming” up your photos, when overlays make it a matter of minutes, if not seconds!

Free overlays can cast a whole new impression on your photos, such that they have an incrementally heightened appeal of their own. Firstly, being free they do not have any cost attached to them. On top of that, they bring on an unbelievable charm which is clearly missing in their absence. That is the reason, free overlays are now being so eagerly sought after by photographers worldwide.

How to use Photoshop Overlays

Using Photoshop overlays could not be any simpler. First, as we have already explained, these basically image files themselves which you will add to your existing photos as additional layers. So, let us say you have your overlay image(s) with you on your computer, in a location that you are aware of.

Now, open the photo(s) you would like to add overlays to. After that, open the overlays file and drag and drop it onto the photo you wish to be overlaid. With this done, Photoshop does its magic, with the overlay file appearing as a new layer. You may at best have to resize or reposition to your satisfaction. Other alterations you could consider include altering the color of the overlay or changing the blending mode.

Overlay Categories

There are many different categories of Photoshop overlays. In this section, we look at some of the most popular ones. The accompanying images will especially give you a good idea of the Free Photoshop overlays we are covering in this piece.

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20+ Text Overlays

As might be obvious, these are overlays with accompanying text. Some sub-categories within text overlays include:

  • Wedding text overlays

Below, you can see a befitting example of a romantic wedding overlay. For more such overlays you can check out this pack of 20 Free Text-based overlays.

  • Halloween text overlays

Following is a great example of the latter:

160+ Winter Overlays

Winter overlays do an excellent job of conveying the winter season. Look at the example below; it will give you an excellent idea of what we are referring to above.

Yes indeed, as you might be wondering, this is a good example of both a winter overlay as well as the previous text overlay example. Here’s a beautiful collection of 160+ realistic falling snow photo overlays. If you love winters, you’ll love these snow overlays. Here’s what’s included:

  • 20 Real Snowfall Photo Overlays
  • 20 Snowfall Photo Overlays
  • 21 Hard Snowfall Photo Overlays
  • 40 Natural Snowfall Photo Overlays
  • 60 Soft Snow Photo Overlays

Now you don’t have to wait for the opportunity to make a beautiful photo using natural snow. Just download this bundle to add real snowflakes naturally to your images.

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10 Galaxy Fire Overlays

When it comes to adding a touch of glow and magic to your pictures, there is really no substitute for Galaxy fire overlays. The charm and mystique in them are simply remarkable. That is the reason, they have easily become some of the most popular Photoshop overlays.

There’s just something so captivating about the above image, simply because a Galaxy fire Photoshop overlay has been added to it. Here’s a pack of 10 free galaxy overlays that you download right away.

400+ Christmas Overlays

Christmas time is all about making merry and having fun with friends and family. But what is the point if your photos do not convey that joy and happiness?Christmas overlays serve that very purpose – to portray all-around merriment being celebrated with one and all around us, which is really the essence of Christmas.

There really could not be a more appropriate example than the picture that we have shared below, exemplifying the family element which is sacrosanct during Christmas.

This bundle here offers 15 free festive overlays that you can use to dazzle up your Christmas photos. Here’s another pack of 10 new year overlays which you can download absolutely free.

Christmas overlays can do wonders. They can literally transform any boring photo into a merrier photo with just a few elements. Here’s a collection of such 300+ Christmas elements and overlays that will add a festive touch to your photos. Well, that’s not it! Because we’ve got 2 more bundles with 50 Exclusive Holiday Photos & Text Overlays and 25 winter background overlays that will make your photos perfect for the holidays.

5 Light Overlays

Simply put, light overlays are ones that have an element of light in them. This could be added in so many ways.

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The above image is definitely a great example of a light overlay. At the same time, there’s so much that is going on in the above picture. For example, this is clearly a newlywed couple. The image would likely be from their wedding or pre-wedding photoshoot.

As an ace photographer, you can easily visualize the charm which you can bring to your pictures. In case you are a wedding photographer, that aspect will be even more obvious to you from the above photo.

Within such light overlays, there is a subcategory referred to as light leak overlays. Again, as might be apparent to you, these are basically images that give the impression of light leaking in one way or the other.

5 Magic Overlays

Who doesn’t like a hint of magic in their lives? To fulfill that very objective, you have magic overlays. Overall, there’s simply an overwhelming range of magic overlays that you can put to use in your photos.Within magic overlays, you have magic sand dust. These tend to incrementally glorify your ultimate photographic output.

10+ Scary Overlays

Well, how about some spookiness in your photos?Scary overlays serve that purpose very well. A great thing about scary overlays is that they can be of so many different types:

  • Bats
  • Ghosts
  • Teddy Head
  • Tree Branches
  • Trees

The possibilities are simply endless! Below is a great example of this:

This bundle here offers 10 free spooky overlays that you can download right away.

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2 Confetti overlays

When you are looking for some rather unique Photoshop overlays, then grunge texture overlays would be quite a good choice to opt for.

Confetti overlays convey the spirit of fun and games, of being free-spirited and so much more – like the lady below!

10+ Halloween Overlays

Given the spirit with which Halloween is celebrated, there is a remarkable array of overlays around this unique, fun-loving occasion.

The kids are clearly having a rollicking time above! Subcategories here include pumpkin overlays (including hollow pumpkins), skulls (as seen above), and spider webs. This bundle here has got 10 such free spooky overlays.

Concluding thoughts

In conclusion, we would simply stress the value-add which Photoshop overlays bring to professional – and budding photographers like you.

Time and time again, we have stressed the fact that when it comes to sprucing up images, there is absolutely no harm (or loss of ego – as is the case with some folks out there) in using image enhancement tools. At the end of the day, you want your images to have a much-needed Wow factor to them; why not use Photoshop overlays for that?


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