10 INCREDIBLE things to do in Hongdae, Seoul in 2022 (2023)

When you’re out and about and looking for some fun in Seoul, Hongdae is the place to be. This cool, hip neighborhood is perfect for those who want to experience the vibrant Seoul life.

Hongdae is full of creativity, fun activities, good food and great shopping opportunities. It reminds me a bit of Harajuku in Tokyo. Visiting Hongdae in Seoul should definitely be on your list. There is no better way to experience the city’s vibe than taking a stroll through this awesome neighborhood.

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Below are the top 10 things to do in Hongdae but first let’s talk about how this district was born.

Good to know: While you’re in Seoul, make sure to visit the North Korean border. It’s a once in a lifetime chance to get really close to North Korea and learn more about Korea’s history.

The story behind Hongdae

Hongdae is situated right in front of Hongik University which is well known for its fine-arts program. It all started about 30 years ago when the property prices were low. Students from the Hongik University, young artists set up their ateliers around this area.

The creative vibe was enough to attract even more students in the area and soon small clubs and bars started to open. The area became extremely popular among young people. Even though these days, the art ateliers were almost completely replaced by shops, clubs and pubs the creative vibe is still in the air.

Other AWESOME things to do in Seoul:

  • Take a trip to the border with North Korea
  • Rent a traditional Korean dress
  • Admire the views from the Namsan Seoul Tower

10 Awesome things to do in Hongdae

These awesome tourist attractions in Hongdae are perfect if you’re looking for some fun in Seoul. Check them out and find out why everyone loves Hongdae so much.

Are you staying 3 days in Seoul? Read this itinerary!

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Bonus activity – enjoy the most intense VR experience

Experience the thrill of Virtual Reality and immerse yourself into a fantasy world while playing exciting games. Roller coasters, panoramic views, adventures and dinosaurs wait for you at the VR Arcade in Hongdae. Are you ready to play?

1. Be a pop star for one night!

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Try your singing skills at Noraebangs in Hongdae! What is a Noraebang, you might ask. Well, it’s basically a singing room where you go with your friends or alone, as most Koreans do, and sing your heart out.

It’s very similar to what we know as karaoke. The only difference is that you choose who you bring with you in the room! You’ll see Noraebangs all around Hongdae main street. They’re fun and quirky so you have to try them!

To read more about Noraebang etiquette, check out this article.

2. Be amazed by the Hongdae street performers

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One of the best things to do in Hongdae at night is seeing the street performers. Take a stroll onEoulmadag-ro Street in the evening or at night and enjoy the countless street performances. From dancing to live singing, there is something for everyone.

You’ll see people gathering around the performers and enjoying the show. I loved the K-pop dance routines and it was amazing to see the locals singing the lyrics of the songs! The dance routines were so captivating and well thought out that I was completely mesmerized by them.The atmosphere was incredible!

Note: While viewing these performances is absolutely free, you can always donate.

3. Return to childhood and play!

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Do you remember the times when you were a child and used to play all day long? Let’s bring those memories back and play some electronic games in Hongdae! Probably the most popular place to let your inner child out is the Zzang Games.

You might already know that gaming is huge in Korea so don’t be surprised to see a bunch of locals dancing on dance pads or playing arcade games. Make sure to check out all the floors at Zzang Games as each floor is dedicated to a different set of games. I must admit that I was fascinated by this place and ended up spending way too much on games but it was fun!

4. Eat a 32 cm-tall ice cream

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For just 2,000 won you can eat this tall, tasty ice cream in Hongdae. Standing “only” 32 centimeter tall, this ice cream is the queen of ice creams. I haven’t seen anything like it before. Being as big, I recommend sharing it with another person.

5. Go shopping

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Hongdae is the perfect place for shopping! Apart from international brands such as H&M and Bershka, there are many local shops where you can look for souvenirs, accessories and clothes. Fashion in Korea is a big thing.

In Hongdae you will find artsy, unique clothing at affordable prices. Also, I would definitely choose this area to buy Korean souvenirs too. There are many handicraft shops that are great for buying some authentic items for the loved ones back home.

6. Unleash your party animal

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Are you ready to explore the nightlife in Hongdae? With tens of bars and clubs to choose from, Hongdae is the perfect place to party in Seoul. For the best experience, make sure to go during the weekend.

The place to be if you are a fashionista is The Henz Club. If you’re into EDM music, you should try the M2 club. If you like hip-hop, the Cream Club is the perfect place for you. There is something for everyone in Hongdae.

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7. Try the street food

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If you’re wondering what to eat in Hongdae, you’ll find the answer here. Apart from the many local and international restaurants in Hongdae, I would recommend trying the street food. It’s cheaper and more exciting!

You should try the fried squid, the cheese chicken,Tteokbokki or Soondae. When passing by the street food stalls you most probably won’t know what kind of food you’re seeing but my advice is to try a bit of everything!

8. Make friends with a sheep at Thanks Nature Cafe

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Have a delicious coffee while petting a cute sheep. It is all possible at Thanks Nature Cafe. Making friends with animals is my favorite thing to do so visiting this cafe was an incredible experience.

The two resident sheep are well taken care of and they are extremely friendly. Go say hi and play with them!

9. Get tricked at the Trick Eye Museum

10 INCREDIBLE things to do in Hongdae, Seoul in 2022 (10)

Are you ready for this interactive museum where you can pose along wall art and look like you’re a part of a movie scene? Join the sea creatures, shrink down to the size of a cup or stand upside down, it’s all possible at the Trick Eye Museum in Hongdae. The optical illusions here are incredible!

10. Be cute at the Hello Kitty Cafe

10 INCREDIBLE things to do in Hongdae, Seoul in 2022 (11)

This cute Japanese character was created in 1974 and now it has became world-wide popular. Visit the Hello Kitty Cafe in Hongdae and get ready for some cuteness overload. Pink walls, pink carpets, pink chairs, everything is pink here. Add the cute cat with a pink ribbon and you might feel a bit overwhelmed.

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Try their coffee and cakes, they are absolutely delicious!

Where to stay in Seoul

I’ve searched for the best accommodation in Seoul for each budget. Find below the best options:

  • BudgetJM Guesthouse Hongdae – excellent location, clean rooms, friendly staff
  • Mid-budgetOrbitgood location, stylish interior, spacious rooms
  • LuxuryRyse Hotel – excellent location, comfortable, excellent breakfast

I hope that these Hongdae tourist attractions will surprise you. I am sure that you will have lots of fun in this neighborhood and you will love it as much as I did. If you have any questions, let me know in the comments section below.

May the travel bug bite you!

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  • Visit one of the only temples situated by the sea in South Korea – click here

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Why is Hongdae famous? ›

Hongdae is a neighborhood known for its youthful ambience, with shops selling everything from clothing and cosmetics to living goods and books, as well as unique cafés and restaurants. The streets are also filled with buskers and dance performances, making a walk here quite entertaining.

Why is it called Hongdae? ›

Name. Hongdae (Korean: 홍대) is an abbreviation of Hongik Daehakgyo, Hongik University (홍익대학교). The term 'hongdae' is usually used in regards to Hongik University which has one of the top fine arts colleges in South Korea.

What can you do in Seoul without money? ›

  • Bukhansan National Park. 1,096. National Parks. ...
  • Myeongdong Shopping Street. 10,366. Neighborhoods • Points of Interest & Landmarks. ...
  • The War Memorial of Korea. 4,285. Military Museums. ...
  • National Museum of Korea. 2,371. History Museums. ...
  • Insadong. 6,412. ...
  • Hangang Park. 1,565. ...
  • Namsan Park. 2,216. ...
  • Cheonggyecheon Stream. 3,952.

Is it better to stay in Hongdae or Myeongdong? ›

Myeongdong is very similar to Hongdae, but better, with less nightlife scene and crowds. There are a lot more restaurants here and most of the most famous and international chains (shopping and restaurants) can be found here. Myeongdong is the best district to stay in Seoul.

How far is Gangnam from Hongdae? ›

The distance between Gangnam-gu and Hongdae Shopping Street is 14 km. The road distance is 18.9 km. How do I travel from Gangnam-gu to Hongdae Shopping Street without a car? The best way to get from Gangnam-gu to Hongdae Shopping Street without a car is to subway which takes 42 min and costs ₩1,500 - ₩2,500.

Can you live in Hongdae? ›

Hongdae for students and young expats

Dynamic, it is an ideal neighborhood for a student or young expatriate wishing to take advantage of the Korean nightlife and to meet people. Although festive, there are a lot of quiet streets also with low rise building, making it a pleasant place to live.

What is Seoul known for? ›

Seoul is known for its vibrant districts, eclectic fashion scene, delicious street food, and for being the birthplace of K-pop and Hallyu. Despite being a technologically advanced country, Seoul is still famous for its historical sites and traditional culture.

How do you pronounce Hongdae? ›

Street Korean Episode 1 - Hongdae (홍대) - Words You See on the Streets

How do I get to Hongdae shopping? ›

To reach Hongdae main street, simply take Subway Line 2 to Hongik University Station. Right after, go out of Exit 9 and then turn left. Walk for about 1 minute and soon you'll reach the place in no time.

Can I go to Korea without money? ›

Traveling inside a city in South Korea is quite cheap. Buses and trains are often a fixed rate (just over $1 per trip) and travel to / from the airport will run a bit more ($5 for the slow train, closer to $10 for express in Seoul).

How cheap can I travel in Korea? ›

13 tips for visiting South Korea on a budget
  1. Consider whether you need a SIM card. ...
  2. Fly to South Korea in January, November, October or March. ...
  3. Leave the airport by bus or airtrain. ...
  4. Buy a Korail Pass for unlimited travel by train. ...
  5. Ride the slow rail. ...
  6. Use transportation cards for discounted bus and subway fares.
22 Aug 2022

What is the best month to go to South Korea? ›

The best time to visit South Korea is between March and May if you want to see the vibrant pink of the cherry blossoms in bloom. If you want to see the landscapes come alive as the leaves change in the cooler weathers, then we'd recommend visiting between September and November.

How many days is enough in Seoul? ›

3 days ( 72 hours in Seoul) is a good amount of time to visit the highlights of the city. 4 to 7 days will give you the time to go hiking, to visit more of the beaten path attractions or to take a few day trips from Seoul.

How far is Itaewon from Hongdae? ›

It is approximately 6 km to get from Itaewon to Hongdae House, Seoul. How do I travel from Itaewon to Hongdae House, Seoul without a car? The best way to get from Itaewon to Hongdae House, Seoul without a car is to line 6 subway and train which takes 23 min and costs ₩1,900 - ₩2,500.

Is Seoul expensive? ›

The average cost of living in South Korea is reasonable. It is not as cheap as living in some Asian countries like Laos or China, but it is also not as expensive as Japan or Singapore. In general, the most expensive living costs in the country will be found in the capital, Seoul.

How many days should I spend in Busan? ›

Assuming you spend about two weeks in South Korea, I think 2-3 days in Busan is a good amount of time to spend. This allows you a full day to explore all the city's major tourist attractions, plus time for a day trip outside the urban core, such as to coastal Haedong Yunggungsa temple.

How long does it take from Hongdae to Myeongdong? ›

Hongdae To Myeongdong

To get from Hongdae to Myeongdong is quite straight forward and takes only 30 minutes. Take line 2 at Hongdae Station in the direction of Sinchon, get of at Euljiro 1(il)-ga Station (back of Myeongdong). This only takes 12 minutes and costs 1250 krw.

How far is hongdae from Itaewon? ›

It is approximately 6 km to get from Itaewon to Hongdae House, Seoul. How do I travel from Itaewon to Hongdae House, Seoul without a car? The best way to get from Itaewon to Hongdae House, Seoul without a car is to line 6 subway and train which takes 23 min and costs ₩1,900 - ₩2,500.

How do I get to Hongdae? ›

To get to Hongdae, take the subway line 2, the green line, and get off at Hongdae University station, in English, Hongik University Station. You can also take an Uber, but it's pricier, and may also be slower due to traffic. The only time I would recommend taking an Uber in Seoul is if the Subway is closed at night.

How do I get to Ikseon dong? ›

By subway:

Take Line 1 and stop at Jongno 3-ga Station. Then walk for 5-10 min. Since Ikseon-Dong is not only 1 street but a small area full of little alleys, it is sometimes not easy to get there. Just venture yourself in some of the small alleys, and you will normally end up in Ikseon-Dong.


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